Workshop theme: The top 10 pitfalls to avoid in contracting

Your contracts are core business assets, but unless you tackle the common sources of erosion, they are leaking value. On average, companies could be generating over 9% improvement to their bottom line if they tackled the commercial issues that commonly undermine contract performance. Contracts are of course just one element of commercial excellence - but quite a significant element when it comes to financial results.

This workshop analyses the ten pitfalls in your contracting process that are most likely to be costing you money and likely damaging the quality of your customer and supplier relationships. The workshop will specifically focus on the following: lack of clear scope and goals; involving commercial team too late; lack of stakeholder engagement, protracted negotiations; limiting negotiations focus to risk allocation: lack of flexibility in relationships; contracts that are difficult to use and understand; poor handover to implementation; limited use of contract technology; weak post-award process governance.

 Facilitated By:

Jim Bergman Jim Bergman,
IACCM Vice President APAC & MEA Juris Doctor,

Facilitated by Jim Bergman IACCM Vice President APAC & MEA

Jim Bergman serves as Vice President of Asia, Africa and Middle East for IACCM. Prior to this he was a contracts attorney for a Fortune 500 petrochemical corporation, responsible for legal and negotiations support to the procurement staff. Jim has supported multiple locations globally, where he addressed strategic sourcing and legal issues concerning commodities and services valued at more than $1 billion annually. He now assists organisations around the world to achieve world class practices in contract and commercial management.

Jim Bergman Holds an MA, MBA and Doctor of Law from the University of Tulsa, USA.

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